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An article by Amelie Walker in Archeology, a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, discusses the mounds of Louisiana. Over 700 mounds are located all over the state, some of which are now joined by historical and interpretive markers to form the Ancient Mounds Trail. This article is available on-line here


The Caddo Nation of Oklahoma is a federally recognized tribe with homelands spanning the present-day states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. With such a vast homeland, there are innumerable historic and prehistoric Caddo cultural sites and cemeteries. In addition to the physical remnants of our past, we have handed down Caddo culture, language, and traditions. The Cultural Preservation Department implements several federal laws which protect cultural heritage resources. It also encompasses a range of preservation programs, including language preservation, NAGPRA / Repatriation, and Historic Preservation. The staff of the Cultural Preservation Office works closely with the Caddo Heritage Museum and is advised by the Repatriation Committee. The Repatriation Committee includes representatives of the Caddo Culture Club, the Native American Church, and the Senior Citizens.

The Historic Preservation and NAGPRA Programs have several ongoing projects. One of these projects is seeking to compile a registry of family cemeteries. Using advanced techniques, the staff have worked to pinpoint the locations of several graves and cemeteries. If you would like to discuss this project with the NAGPRA staff or talk to them about a cemetery on your land, please give them a call.

Repatriation Committee


 Marjorie Botone, Doyle Edge, Madeline Hamilton, Bobby Gonzalez, Lyman Kionute, Marilyn Threlkeld, and Lucy Wabaunasee 


Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

Phil Cross

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